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Our Year in Lockdown: Why Businesses Should Embrace Working From Home For the Future

Peter Mitchell Founder of The Farmer's Son with His Daughter where he discusses Why Businesses Should Embrace Working From Home For the Future

The current global pandemic has put immense pressure on the UK economy however for some businesses it has provided the catalyst to sustainable working practice. Here at The Farmer's Son, we have seized the opportunity for growth during a trying time.

Pete Mitchell founded The Farmer's Son in 2016 with the vision of returning to his families roots of producing quality food with real provenance. With 300 years of family farming heritage and having worked in the City, Pete felt well placed to start his business, however, a global pandemic in his fourth year was not what he was expecting.

Pete disclosed 'Like every business, we have seen a number of challenges during the pandemic; some of our hospitality clients have not reopened their doors, food and trade shows have been cancelled and more generally we have had to modify the way we work.'

'However, in other ways, we have been prepared. Being a young family business, we have always encouraged a family-friendly way of working which has been pivotal to achieving growth during the current climate. Even before the pandemic our business support staff were set up for home working and given the additional childcare issues that lockdown created we were able to work flexibly to support them.'

'Although the hospitality sector has taken a major hit, we have seen a customer trend in the desire for quality, locally produced food that supports the economy around them. Not only have we seen our website sales increase, but we have also seen an increase in orders from farm shops and convenience stores, as well as securing a deal with the North of England supermarket chain Booths. Low food miles isn't just about the environment it's about ensuring that our farmers, millers and grocers have a sustainable future.'

'With regulations changing frequently we cannot afford to stick to a regimented way of working, we need to be able to support flexibility in our staff so that our business can continue to thrive. We've all had to get used to children joining in on meetings in recent months and that way of working, at least at The Farmer's Son, is here to stay.'


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