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London's Top 10 Stores with Exquisite Haggis for Burns Night

As the vibrant city of London embraces its diverse culinary scene, the quest for the perfect haggis becomes especially poignant during Burns Night celebrations. For enthusiasts eager to partake in the annual tribute to Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, we’ve put a list together with stores that offer a gateway to an authentic and memorable Burns Night feast.

Imagine the warm aroma of traditional haggis filling the air as you gather with friends and family to celebrate the life and works of the beloved Bard. Whether you're a seasoned haggis enthusiast or a curious connoisseur excited to celebrate the poetry and legacy of Robert Burns, these top 10 stores scattered across London promise an authentic and delectable experience.

So, as January 25th approaches, let these top haggis destinations in London be your guide to a Burns Night celebration filled with tradition, camaraderie, and, of course, the hearty goodness of this iconic Scottish dish.


  1. M. Moen & Sons: In the heart of Clapham, M. Moen & Sons stands as a testament to the art of butchery. With a legacy rooted in quality and a commitment to excellence, this family-run establishment offers a curated selection of haggis that reflects the expertise and passion of generations.

  2. Chadwick Butchers: Chadwick Butchers in Balham is a haven for those seeking butchery craftsmanship and exceptional haggis. With a dedication to sourcing the finest meats, this butcher shop invites you to savour the rich flavours of Burns Night with their premium haggis offerings.

  3. Dugard & Daughter: With locations in Herne Hill and Earlsfield, Dugard & Daughter brings a touch of locality and sustainability to your Burns Night table. Known for supporting local farmers and offering ethically raised meats, this butcher shop provides a haggis experience that aligns with the values of the modern epicurean.

  4. Hook & Cleaver: With two shops to choose from, Hook & Cleaver has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for haggis aficionados. This butcher shop's dedication to quality and variety ensures that you'll find the perfect haggis to grace your Burns Night celebration.

  5. Northfield Farm Shop at Borough Market: At the iconic Borough Market, Northfield Farm Shop steals the spotlight with artisanal haggis. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere as you explore the diverse range of haggis options, each promising a unique and authentic experience.

  6. Whole Foods Market: With its presence in Richmond and Kensington, Whole Foods offers a global gastronomic journey for haggis enthusiasts. Explore the aisles to discover an array of haggis varieties, each selected for its quality and authenticity, making it a fitting addition to your Burns Night feast.

  7. Wyndham House Butchers: Located in Chiswick and Chelsea, Wyndham House Butchers is a haven for those seeking artisanal excellence. Step into these establishments to discover a carefully curated selection of haggis that showcases the butchery expertise and commitment to quality.

  8. Selfridges Department Store: Elevate your Burns Night celebration with a touch of luxury from Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street. This iconic shopping destination boasts a selection of premium haggis options, inviting you to indulge in a truly lavish Burns Night experience.

  9. Provenance Village Butcher: With five locations scattered across the city, Provenance Village Butcher takes pride in offering variety and tradition. Explore their shops to find haggis crafted with precision and care, embodying the essence of Burns Night.

  10. Parsons Nose Butchers: With three locations, Parsons Nose Butchers honours tradition with a carefully curated selection of haggis. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Burns Night as you savour the flavours of this iconic Scottish dish.


As the bagpipes play and the poetry of Robert Burns fills the air, these top 10 stores stand ready to make your Burns Night celebration a culinary masterpiece. Whether you prefer the bustling aisles of Whole Foods to the artisanal excellence of Provenance Village Butcher, each store on this list contributes to the rich tapestry of flavours that make Burns Night a truly special occasion. So, as you gather with friends and family on January 25th, let the finest haggis from these esteemed establishments be the centrepiece of a Burns Night celebration to remember.


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