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Haggis and Black Pudding Kebabs

Are you looking for something a little bit different to grill up on the BBQ? Kebabs are always a hit so why not mix it up with our take on a Summertime favourite.

Haggis and Black Pudding Kebabs recipe which are perfect for grilling up on the BBQ.

Makes 4


8 slices Serrano ham 6 cherry or vine tomatoes 1 Portobello mushroom 1 medium courgette 2 slices/200g Farmer’s Son haggis 2 slices/200g Farmer’s Son black pudding 4 tsp pesto sauce 4 wraps 4 bamboo skewers Salad to serve


1. Heat the grill to medium hot. 2. Soak the skewers in cold water. 3. Cut the slices of ham in half lengthwise, quarter the slices of black pudding and haggis. Squash in the corners of the pieces of haggis & black pudding and wrap each one in a strip of ham, trying to cover as much of the haggis & black pudding as possible. 4. Cut 16 thin, lengthwise strips from the courgette using a peeler or mandolin. Smear a little pesto over each one and roll up. 5. Halve the tomatoes and cut the mushroom into 8 pieces. 6. Thread everything onto the skewers starting and finishing with a tomato half. Each skewer should have 3 tomato halves, 2 pieces of mushroom, 2 pieces each of haggis and black pudding and 4 courgette rolls. 7. Put the skewers onto a grill pan or BBQ, cover the ends of the skewers with tin foil to stop them burning and grill for approx. 5 minutes each side. 8. Serve in a wrap, on a bed of salad.

Nutritional Information Per serving Kcals 630 Fat 28.3g Saturates 9.45g Carbohydrate 64.7g Protein 28.9g Sugar 6.6g Salt 2.57g


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